Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cristian Zuzunaga: digital textiles

Cristian Zuzunaga's prints for Royal College of Art fashion graduate Peter Smith stole the show last year. Now he has commissions from several design outfits.

Zuzunaga says he was inspired by Shanghai at night, where buildings turn into gigantic plasma screens, in creating his pixel-based textile designs.

He is the techie combination of Piet Mondrian and Paul Klee.

RCA Menswear Collection designed by Peter Smith

The sketches in themselves are amazing. Seeing them on the runway is surreal.*

No better statement than bold prints on big volume outfits. They look like characters straight from a video game.

There's something definitely street about it, hip-hop yet very of-the-moment. It feels cutting-edge but at the same time retro.

Denim jacket with waxed finish

Springfield sofa by Moroso, printed on Blitz fabric by Kvadrat

Zuzunaga takes pictures of buildings and city skylines, enlarges them, then prints them. He only picks out parts of the image to scan, enlarge, then print again.

I feel that his textile designs could be the beginning of something exciting. They can expand to cover other patterns, develop into a full digital design language.

For example, I wonder how he would interpret paisley prints according to his color pallete and pixel-based design ethic.

Cristian Zuzunaga can reinterpret, like a painter, images according to our electronic consciousness. Maybe it's time for a new, digital cubism.

*I finished shooting my 'Dandy does it' editorial yesterday. Mostly I was satisfied. Can't wait to see it on print.

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